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 The Criteria of Selection:​

First: The best government entity achieved the highest level of budget commitment 

1. Revenue Ratio

2. Expenses Ratio

3. Number of financial additions

4. Number of financial transfers

5. The percentage of monthly deviation in budget implementation

6. Commitment rate in meeting the needs of budget preparation phase (date of delivery of the budget, date of delivery of the names of the preparation committee, the monthly distribution of estimates, financial forecasts ...)


2nd:The best government entity committed to applying accounting policies and procedures

1. Commitment percentage to the specified time of transactions

2. Commitment percentage to treat plankton in cash accounting

3. Commitment percentage to transferring all daily income on time

4. Commitment percentage to cover the amounts paid in advance

5. Accuracy ratio in monthly transactions

6. Returned transactions percentage at the government level 

7. Commitment percentage to the use of petty cash according to the approved policy

 3th:The best government entity in allocating costs of non-renewable sources of energy

1. Reduction rate in electricity consumption

2. Reduction rate in water consumption

3. Percentage of assets that were destructed before the expected date

4. Percentage of encoded assets


4th:The best government entity committed to implementing tax procedures (VAT)

1. Commitment percentage to attending meetings and training courses

2. Compliance percentage with tax procedures in accounting registration

3. Commitment percentage to tax reporting on time


5th:The best supplier performance in meeting government needs

1. Speed level to meet the purchase order

2. Conformity level of the product / service to the quality specifications

3. Conformity to delivery as scheduled

4. Competitive pricing

5. Commitment level to supply according to the required specifications

6. Flexibility level of using the payment system

7. Return level of items due to the supplier

 6th:The best government entity in supporting national projects (national suppliers)

1. Commitment percentage to execute purchase orders for the service of national suppliers


7th:The best government entity in supporting the procurement of local products

1. Commitment percentage to local purchase orders


8th:The best government entity in supporting the performance of the audit

1. Commitment percentage to financial and accounting policies

2. Percentage of purchase orders that have been closed on time

3. Commitment percentage to close payments on time

4. Response percentage to financial control observations

5. Deviation percentage in budget reports that have been addressed

6. Number of transfers and additions to the same financial item for more than once


9th:The best community entity in supporting the activities of the financial and accounting department

1. Number of activities implemented with the community

2. Value of the return of the partnership

3. Percentage of activities implemented with added value for the department's role


10th:The best volunteer performance to serve the activities of the financial and accounting department

1. Percentage of compliance and discipline in the work during the volunteering period

2. Percentage of completion of planned tasks on time

3. Number of proposals submitted to develop the work

4. Satisfaction with his/her performance by the department


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