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Organizational Chart & Basic operations

Basic operations of the department:

  • Review and analyze estimated budgets and communicating with relevant departments to ensure the validity and suitability of established estimates with the general guidance of the government's budget with regard to the rationalization of expenses and cost control.
  • Develop appropriate mechanisms and procedures for the preparation of the unified estimated budget for the Government of Ras Al Khaimah and its departments.
  • Supervise the implementation of the budget items by dealers in a manner that guarantees the prevention of unauthorized exceeding while maintaining the flexible conduct of operations.
  • Adoption of the budget and the budgetary reclassification and addition requests in accordance with the directives and decisions related to them.
  • Provide the departments and decision-makers with the necessary and timely reports to show the actual performance deviation from the budget.
  • Ensure the preparation of monthly financial reports that reflect the financial performance of the government, with the preparation of the necessary clarifications and submitting them to senior management.
  • Ensure compliance with any requirements related to the issuance of private financial reports from other government agencies in accordance with the directives of senior management.
  • Review and audit financial transactions to ensure the implementation of the approved accounting system, and the compilation and review of the accounting data, and the preparation of periodic financial reports and sending them to all the concerned parties.
  • Study and review of leased real estate contracts from third parties to the government and its financially affiliated departments.
  • Study and review the various types of contracts for all of the local financial departments of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Review and follow up the execution of maintenance contracts and transactions that are related to the Department of Finance or fall within the scope of its supervision.
  • Follow-up the purchases of all local departments financially affiliated with the Government of Ras Al Khaimah.​


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